Why Your Company Might Want To Consider Outsourcing Big Data Preparation

Using Teradata, AM-BITS helped the bank build multiple gateways for extensions, establish secure data accessibility, and create reports in real time. The client appreciated AM-BITS’s ability to provide amazing customer service. IT Svit is a managed services provider and IT consulting firm in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Founded in 2005, IT Svit offers a range of different capabilities like IT managed services, cloud consulting and system integration, IT strategy consulting, and BI and Big Data. Spaceport provided Docker management services for a staffing company.

Why Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a warning to U.S. tech – Fortune

Why Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a warning to U.S. tech.

Posted: Mon, 28 Feb 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Outsourcing provides much more value than simply cutting the costs. Specialized IT services providers accumulate experience from many business cases and become the centers of innovation. Employing such services means getting instant access to the latest tech, best practices, refined workflows, and innovation. Geopolitical and natural risks have always been part of the decision mix, specifically when it comes to outsourcing IT services. Companies looking for an offshore software development vendor in Ukraine may have concerns regarding an ongoing conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine.

“Many big data initiatives fail because of incorrect expectations and faulty estimations that are carried forward from the beginning of the project to the end,” he said. The right team will be able to estimate risks, evaluate severity and resolve a variety of big data challenges. “Oftentimes, you start from one data model and expand out but quickly realize the model doesn’t fit your new data points and you suddenly have technical debt you need to resolve,” he said.

Reorganizing It With Agile Software Development Methodology

Flooding a Hadoop cluster with unorganized and unmanaged data can severely hamper your big data analytics efforts. We can help you design, implement, and provide able support so that you get the best implementation strategy. In September 2020, the company was targeted by a ransomware attack, in response SoftServe shut down many of their internal systems to try and stop the spread of the virus. SoftServe says there is no evidence that the virus spread to customers systems, and most of SoftServes internal systems were back online in a few hours to a few days. The hack resulted in bits of unfinished customer source code, and other information being shared on the internet. The individual who claims to be behind the hack, ‘Freedomf0x’, also published fragmented personal information of about 200 individual, but whether this information is linked to SoftServe employees is unclear. The attack targeted the company by exploiting the Windows tool Rainmeter.

big data outsource ukraine

Started by two post-graduate students of Lviv Polytechnic, it began as a software development company with headquarters in Lviv. The company was initially supported by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Incubator Center and its first known client was General Electric. The company opened its first office in the United States in 2000.

Outsourcing Data Science To Ukraine: 8 Dos And Donts

Throughout the years I faced numerous tasks related to implementation of machine learning models, time series analysis and forecasting of varying complexity. To add to that, I have an extensive big data outsourcing knowledge of modern Python custom frameworks and tools, image processing and Computer vision. To cut it short, I would gladly assist you with any Data Science related projects.

  • 15 years of IT services experience converted into software consultancy for Telecom and Blockchain, AI development tailored to each client’s r…
  • International business rating agency Clutch.co from Washington, D.C.
  • Works with web, desktop & mobile applications but prefers work with high load distributed systems, big data, and cloud solutions.
  • SoftServe has continued to receive recognition from Microsoft, including by Microsoft Ukraine in 2012 for Partner of the Year, for Innovation in Business Analytics.
  • Solutions as well as solutions for smaller data-driven organizations.

Our team began as a provider of remote network administration services. Over the years, our expertise grew and we began providing various outsourcing services. From web development and QA, we moved to IT consulting, providing DevOps services and building Big Data solutions. AWS is a great platform for any US-based business willing to leverage Big Data analytics. IT Svit provides dedicated teams that deliver IT outsourcing services and enable AWS Big Data services for your business. Big Data system architecture is an essential part of any Big Data analytics project.

Big Data Lakes Solutions And Consulting Services

A well-executed big data strategy can streamline operational costs, reduce time to market and enable new products. But enterprises face a variety of big data challenges in moving initiatives from boardroom discussions to practices that work.

big data outsource ukraine

The quantity of developers we mentioned above proves that Ukraine has already achieved an honorable status of being one of the world’s tech talent powerhouses. Your offshore team will build a shield to identify and ward off fraudulent actions by developing natural language processing and voice recognition algorithms. When you need to build a solid Big Data unit, the offshoring model will provide you with more talent hired with fewer obstacles over a relatively short period of time. That lends itself to increased flexibility which may be that extra competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. Services excel at sourcing the right kind of talent you need for your project. You can choose between the Extended team model, IT outstaffing model, project outsourcing, and offshore development center model.

Additionally, many Ukrainian companies offer extended training programs for graduates and people moving into IT from other industries. Being perhaps the most rewarding sector of Ukraine’s economy, IT encourages smart people from all walks of life to become self-learners and join the booming digital industry. Since 2015 Bluepes understood the potential of Blockchain having close collaboration with big players in the market and partnering with international associations.

Abto Software

As part of our big data lakes services, we can help you during the modeling, materialization, and preparation of various analytical and BI tools. Is your organization looking Systems development life cycle for a big data strategy which is uniquely suited to your present and future goals? Big data lake can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to your organization.

Founded in 2018, Arcane Future is a data science and development company that specializes in big data consulting and artificial intelligence. With two offices in Kiev, Ukraine, the team of 2 works with small, midmarket, and enterprise business in the gaming, gambling, and advertising industries. The APP Solutions is a web and mobile development company headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine, and Wilmington, Del. Founded in 2013, The APP Solutions’ team of around 60 specializes in web development, mobile app development, and UX/UI design, primarily for small and midmarket businesses. The small team specializes in mobile app development, BI & big data consulting & SI, mobile & app marketing, conversion optimization, and more. DataLabs provides development and testing services for an IT company. They established analytics and related functionality through Qlik, and they currently support migration efforts to cloud-based solutions.

Using our Growth & Innovation expertise, such as UX/UI, product design, and growth strategy, we can imagine, build and scale your product. Pentalog’s global platform offers unmatched access to world-class, cost-effective engineering talent. In the end, we’d like to emphasize that the availability of Big Data specialists in offshore pools of tech talent, such as Ukraine, will make it easier for you to expand your delivery capacity and find new resources faster. Daxx has access to a pool of over 185,000 IT professionals in Ukraine. Their experienced recruiters can help you reduce the time-to-hire and relocate the best candidates straight from Ukraine. For a fixed fee, they can support your candidates at every stage of the relocation process. The number of software companies in Ukraine grew from 1,050 in 2011 to 1,650 tech companies in 2020.

Why Hire Software Developers In Ukraine?

Intellias is a software development services provider headquartered in Ukraine with delivery offices in Germany, Poland, and Saudi Arabia. The services include custom software development, Big Data, AI/ML, IoT, and cloud solutions.

big data outsource ukraine

Moreover, since the European Union approved Ukraine’s visa-free travel regime, many international airlines have launched direct flights from Lviv and Kyiv to Europe and the US. This has made it possible for both software development outsourcing companies and their clients to arrange regular on-site trips for in-person communication.

Configuring the CI/CD workflows for maximum automation of routine operations and increased predictability of the software delivery process. EU and USA are the major providers and consumers of top-notch products, technology, and services. Their combined share of the global GDP is around 33-35% and mostly consists of digital services, healthcare and insurance, real estate and high-tech products. One of the things to keep in mind when outsourcing to non-EU countries is legislation and regulations applicable to your business. CCPA, GDPR and Ukrainian legislation have significant differences regarding the personal data protection. It’s now illegal to transfer personal data outside the EU without taking strict measures to protect sensitive personal data. While Ukrainian IT service providers strive to maintain good and trustful relationships with their Western partners, it won’t hurt to discuss the legal norms and challenges before entering an agreement.


That’s no wonder because almost every outsourcing company in Ukraine gives them wide opportunities to streamline the delivery processes. Pentalog is a digital service platform that provides state-of-the-art software engineering, high-end consulting, marketing technology, efficient IT recruiting, and startup financing solutions to its clients worldwide. QUDA is a business intelligence and data engineering company based in Lviv, Ukraine. The company, founded in 2018, has a team of more than ten that provides BI & big data consulting & SI to midmarket and other-sized companies in the business services, IT, advertising & marketing, and other industries. Headquartered in Beersheba, Israel, they also have an office in Kharkiv, Ukraine. With a team of 62 employees, their services include IT staff augmentation, mobile app development, and web development. They primarily serve midmarket clients in the healthcare and medical, financial services, and IT industries.

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Many companies in the US and globally look for a reliable Big Data solution architect and IT Svit can provide dedicated teams with decent expertise in Big Data design. If your business requires remote database management services, dedicated teams from IT Svit can lend some help. We are an IT outsourcing company with 10+ years of expertise with database services, like management, optimization, migrations, backups & restoration, etc. Dedicated team specializing in cloud computing testing can help any company optimize it spending on cloud testing. IT Svit is an experienced IT outsourcing provider with 6+ years of expertise in providing cloud computing testing services. If you need your applications to run in Docker containers, dedicated teams from IT Svit are ready to provide Docker container services for you.

Our web development services help to make your business go online with a personal touch in mind. We develop comprehensive and competitive web solutions with a focus on usability and responsiveness.

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