5 Tips On Staying Sober, Even When It Feels Like Punishment

Stop spending time with people that you used to use drugs with, for example. Developing a new routine is a great way to stay positive – and sober. Sobriety is a life-long journey, and making resolutions is a great way to keep yourself on track.

5 tips of how to maintain recovery motivation

Identify your core values, create good habits and routines, create a good support system, and learn to play the mental game. The other strategies described here can help you cope with doubt. Having a strong sober network is especially helpful since you’ll meet people who have succeeded despite significant challenges. It’s also important to learn ways to push back against irrational thoughts. For example, if you think things like, “You’ll fail at this because you fail at everything,” you might recognize this as an overgeneralization and push back with a thought like, “Really? ” and think of some evidence to contradict your overgeneralization. First, understand that motivation is not some intrinsic quality and it’s not something you can do equally well every day.

Kentucky Doubles Down On Drug Harm Reduction Services

It’s no small feat to commit to living a sober lifestyle and be successful at it. You deserve to feel accomplished for changing your life around. This lifestyle change is not easy, so don’t believe that your perseverance is anything less than worth celebrating. Becoming sober can feel like you are losing out, but soon you will realize that it’s the opposite. Before you began your sober life, you might have felt that you had no schedule and no real responsibilities. If you develop a schedule for yourself, you can reach your goals a bit easier. Knowing what your day to day looks like can help to avoid those moments where you are left doing nothing but thinking about substance use.

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You may wonder how to go about building a stronger support system, and in fact, this issue may have contributed to your drug and/or alcohol use in the past. The idea that you “should” go it alone or that you are being a burden if you need help from others can lead to the isolation and negativity that contributes to a need to self-medicate. From 5 tips of how to maintain recovery motivation avoiding talking about pain to hiding out when feeling the negative after-effects of use, drugs and alcohol have a way of keeping people separate and ashamed. Sobriety is a tool to help you achieve your goals and dreams. When you are struggling internally about whether to reach for that drink, remember why you are not drinking anymore.

Can A Pet Help You Recover From Addiction?

In Northern Kentucky, community leaders are looking at a convenient medication disposal service as a way of intervening before some addictions get started. The disposal pouches destroy the drugs placed inside them and can be thrown away by the consumer. Officials hope that distributing the pouches for free across Northern Kentucky will lead to a reduction in addiction sufferers. In the action stage, people believe they have the ability to change and are actively involved in taking steps in recovery. This is the stage where the education, coping strategies, and interpersonal communication skills offered in treatment help to bolster the client’s personal recovery. The client dives deep into assignments, personal inventories, and relapse prevention work to ensure a successful transition out of treatment and into recovery.

During long-term addiction recovery, it is important to have a variety of ways to work towards that success. By taking these 10 simple tips and integrating them into daily life, some of the struggles of long-term recovery can be eased.

When your life is filled with rewarding activities and a sense of purpose, your addiction will lose its appeal. Outpatient treatment – Not a live-in treatment program, these outpatient programs can be scheduled around work or school. You’re treated during the day or evening but don’t stay overnight. It’s also normal to feel conflicted about giving up your drug of choice, even when you know it’s causing problems in your life. Recovery requires time, motivation, and support, but by making a commitment to change, you can overcome your addiction and regain control of your life.

Maintain Healthy Sleep, Eating, And Exercise Habits

This is also a great way to improve your goal-setting and goal-reaching work. In Madison County, Kentucky, the health department announced plans to introduce a mobile needle exchange program.

Our treatment facility is accredited by the Joint Commission and LegitScript Certified. If you have to tell someone that you can’t spend time with them or meet at your old hangout, be up front and honest with them.

Action Stage

Keeping yourself busy and motivated helps immensely in the recovery process. Her experience in behavioral health training, program development, and organizational leadership lead her to pursue a certification as a Project Management Professional in 2018. When people struggle Sober living houses with substance abuse problems, family members may argue more often, harbor shame or developan anxiety disorder. If you were addicted to a prescription drug, such as an opioid painkiller, you may need to talk to your doctor about finding alternate ways to manage pain.

People in this stage tend to remind themselves of their progress and build community supports that reinforce their recovery goals. Everyone deals with recovery from substance use in their own way. Every person must figure out what works and what doesn’t work for them, where they can go if they need support, and how to maintain sobriety on their own. It’s important to remain consistent in whatever you choose because as soon as you waiver, so does your motivation to stay sober. Make sure to avoid stressors that can lead to relapsing, and don’t be ashamed to reach out to someone you love for help. Maintain the healthy lifestyle you strive for after recovery. In the process of cutting off toxic people, you should be putting effort into building healthy relationships with those around you that want to see you happy and healthy.

Six Ways To Manage Pain In Addiction Recovery

Many addiction experts agree that addiction is not curable, but it is treatable with the right resources and skills. With the right type of help, you can abstain from drugs and alcohol and live a life of sobriety. Aftercare helps you stay on track and keep practicing what you learned while in rehab. In the maintenance stage, the client learns to successfully avoid triggers and other temptations that would lead back to active addiction.

  • If you know when you are most vulnerable and plan ahead, you will need to make fewer decisions about whether or not to use.
  • Websites like In The Rooms give you a safe space to meet and talk to other people in recovery.
  • A well-known quote in Alcoholics Anonymous is, “To keep it, you must give it away.” Helping others who are struggling can give people hope and strength to continue with their own recovery.

Getting enough sleep, exercise, and water and fueling our bodies with healthy foods can help us feel good both physically and mentally. One can find meaning in spirituality through organized religions, AA/ NA groups, nature, music, groups of people, or an understanding of a higher power. Feeling connected to something bigger than yourself can help keep you motivated and accountable to continue your recovery journey.

Coping With Drug Cravings

For some, however, even in the face of dire consequences, there is a tendency to remain in denial about the magnitude of their addiction. Other people may become aware of a problem, but find it difficult to take the necessary steps to seek help and enter into recovery. Then, there are those who are able to identify the need for a change and are ready and able to take the necessary steps to find and maintain support. As we head into the new year, now is a perfect time to reinforce your commitment to recovery and sobriety. Whether you’re currently in the midst of the recovery process or are maintaining your sobriety, making resolutions can help you stay on track.

5 tips of how to maintain recovery motivation

While we can’t give you definitive answers on how long your recovery process will be, we can give you definitive actions to take that will put you on the right track. You’ll need to come up with ways to get – and stay – motivated in the long-term. A good way to do this is to treat yourself every now and then. Whether it’s getting a massage or splurging on something sweet, rewards keep you motivated in achieving goals.

Tips To Help You Practice Self Care During Recovery

These will help you stay on the road to recovery and open up countless new opportunities for a healthier and happier life. When you start to experience these feelings, take the time to refocus your thoughts. Tell yourself that your health, your sobriety and your quality of life matter. Recognize that you are better and stronger than your addiction. Tell yourself out loud that you have the power to fight through temptations and stay focused on your recovery. 1) Keep yourself out of harm’s way– Avoid personal relapse triggers to the best of your ability, and don’t put yourself into situations that will make you uncomfortable or promote negativity. Do what you can to create a new routine – one that is conducive to your recovery.

Harvard, researchers found, “those who kept warm relationships got to live longer and happier, and the loners often died earlier. It’s as powerful as smoking or alcoholism.” The lesson here is – don’t go it alone. Whether it’s online or in-person, a sense of community is important when it comes to sobriety, and finding comfort in others can make a world of difference and even save your life. There are a variety of outside resources available to those recovering from addiction that are beneficial when combined with counseling treatment. As a counselor, referring patients to programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous can add another level of outside support. For family and friends of patients in recovery, addressing the addiction is one of the most difficult aspects of helping loved ones recover.

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